How to get your Public IP SSL issued?

Once your Public IP SSL order placed successfully, you can configure it and complete the DCV (domain control validation) to get it issued as shown below:

  1. Login to client area > Your Active Products/Services > Product Details
  2. Input your own CSR or use our CSR online tool to create one for you. Please note, do not use Public IP as Common Name in the CSR, it will fail if you insist.
  3. Now put your Public IP address here as follows
  4. For more than one IPs please input one IP per line with no punctuation marks on it
  5. In the DVC page, download the DVC file and upload it properly to complete the validation
  6. Once validation completed, your SSL is ready to download.
    Tips: If you've uploaded the DCV file successfully but still not issued, kindly try to change the Method to https and change it back again to speed up the process.
  7. Where can you find your key: The private key is automatically paired when you create CSR using our CSR Creator tool. Usually you find the key in the download folder where your Web Browser like IE or Chrome saves your downloaded files.
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