SSL Certificates for Every Need!

Technical Specs

  • SSL Encryption Strength: 256-bit
  • CSR/KEY Size: 2048-4096 bit
  • Cryptographic Algorithm: RSA SHA-2 and ECC
  • Validation Method for Single and Multi-Domain SSL: Supports Email / File / DNS 3 validation methods
  • Validation Method for IP SSL: Supports only File Validation method
  • Validation Method for Wildcard SSL: Supports Email / DNS 2 validation methods
  • Issuance Time: 5 Minutes or Less
  • Browser compatibility: 99.99% compatibility for all arowsers, mobile devices, server software, and internet infrastructure components
  • Reissuance: Unlimited
  • Server Licenses: Unlimited
  • Site Seal: Yes
  • SEO: SSL Boosts Rankings
  • Refund Policy: 30-Day Money-Back
  • Billing Cycle notes: With multi-year billing cycle you will save more. For security and industry standards, each ssl certificate will be issued with a 1-year term and needs to be reissued annually

Top Reasons to choose 12SSL

Price Match

We promise to keep the best price in the market. If you found cheaper certificates elsewhere, let us know and we will match and offer you with a better price.

Best Certificates

With 256 bit SHA-2 ECC Hash Algorithm and 2048-4096 bit key length, 12SSL certificates stand for the strongest encryption in the industry.

Fast Issuance

Get your DV (Domain Validation) SSL certificate within just 5 minutes using our friendly and automated system. No paperwork, callback or company required.

After-Sales Support

We’ll help you fix every problem all the way from domain validation, certificates issuance to installation in real time via live chat and team-viewer.

Best Compatibility

All our SSL certificates are 99.9% compatible with major browsers, devices, server software, and internet infrastructure components.

30-Day Money Back

Customer satisfaction is our major concern. Get a full refund within 30 days for any purchase of SSL certificates with 100% guarantee.

About Domain/IP Validation

DV (Domain/IP Validation) SSL certificates only verify the domain or IP’s ownership. Once verified and installed, your website will show the padlock icon and https:// in the web browser.
There are 3 methods to get your domain/IP verified:

Email Verification

Applicable to single, multi-domain and wildcard SSL certificates.
It’s the easiest verification method. Using this method, we will send an email to the WHOIS registrar email address asking you to verify that you purchased a DV certificate. Once you positively respond to our email, the requirement is considered satisfied and the certificate can be issued within 5 minutes.
As an alternative to the WHOIS registered email, you can use one of five pre-approved email addresses associated with your domain as following:
admin@your-domain, administrator@your-domain, webmaster@your-domain, hostmaster@your-domain, postmaster@your-domain.

File Verification

Applicable to single, multi-domain and IP SSL certificates.
we will provide you with a text file that you will need to upload to the root directory of your website. This will then be verified by us via HTTP or HTTPS.

DNS Verification

Applicable to single, multi and wildcard SSL certificates.
we will provide you with two unique hash values (these are MD5 and SHA1). You, in turn, must enter them in your CNAME DNS record.

Our Customers Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Once your order placed successfully, it’s ready for configuration in your client area. Once you completed the configuration and verification, you can download your SSL from your product page in your area. Detailed guidance here How to get your SSL issued

It takes 5 minutes or less to get a SSL issued once the DCV verification completed successfully.

You can reissue an existing SSL to change the domain name or IP address on it. To do so you just need to click the reissue button on your product and follow the onscreen instructions afterwards. Here the guidance for reissuance How to change the IP address

Of course. We do provide basic installation and verification service once per order for free. Beyond that for special requests, it might occur a service fee.

Sure. We can help you with the installation for free. All you need to do is to share us with your Server access and we will do the rest for you.

aaPanel is a cPanel-like server management panel yet it’s free and much easier to use than cPanel. Furthermore it’s very easy to install IP SSL on your own with just couple of clicks. That’s why we recommend to use aaPanel for IP SSL certificates.

PS. We are not the owner the aaPanel. We recommend it just because it’s easy to use.

Feel free to contact us via Live Chat or Telegram @ssleric. We’d be happy to assist you in the troubleshooting to fix the issue.