Who are we and what do we do?

12SSL.com belongs to the Kyuudai Co., Ltd. in Japan, supplies cheap SSL certificates of globally recognized as well as highly trusted CAs namely: Sectigo(formerly Comodo), AlphaSSL, GeoTrust, GlobalSign, Thawte, RapidSSL and Symantec(VeriSign). Our store is a great place to find the cheapest SSL certificates to protect any website, application and online transactions.

12SSL has large volumes and receive significant discounts from vendors, that gives us the availability to pass discounts to you and to offer the lowest prices possible.

Sectigo SSL (formerly Comodo CA) is the largest commercial trust provider in the World. Sectigo SSL certificates are popular all around the World and they are well-presented in all segment of market and type of SSL certificates like Domain vetted, Business and Extended Validation, Multi-Domain, Wildcard, SMIME and Code Signing certs.

12SSL offers all kinds of Sectigo SSL certificates at the lowest prices.

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Sectigo Positive SSL

Sectigo Positive SSL is a cheapest SSL certificate that encrypts your online transactions with SHA256-bit encryption. The certificate carries Sectigo root certificate that is accepted and recognized by most of the desktop and mobile browsers that get you rid of unwanted SSL warnings. Sectigo Positive SSL comes with 30 days money refund policy in case if you want to cancel the certificates.

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Sectigo Positive SSL Wildcard

Sectigo Positive SSL Wildcard allows you to secure unlimited sub domains while securing main domain (for example,*.mydomain.com). This certificate is a domain validation certificate that can take few minutes for issuance. By enabling SSL certificate on your website, you can assure your customers that they will have secure environment once they visit the site.

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Public IP SSL Certificate

Public IP certificate is our latest product which protects Public IP addresses with domain validation only. It takes just five minutes to get the certificate issued. You do not need to provide any documents for the issuance as IP SSL certificates are applicable to everyone. Public IP certificate supports up to 1000 IP addresses or domains. It's compatible with all desktop and mobile devices.

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